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Our Story


     My name is Kathy O’Brien. I am a mother of three girls, a full-time psychiatric nurse for children, and a passionate advocate for the underdogs!  I am also the creator of, “The Mutt A Mixture of the Finest Ingredients” apparel, inspired by my rescue dog, Nutmeg. She’s a sweet and friendly Shepherd-Lab mix, made with a sprinkle of this and pinch of that, to make her our loving mutt for the last seven years.

     Now, my faithful business partner, Nutmeg’s unconditional love and acceptance for humans and all furry friends inspired me to create my brand.

     No matter how my day unfolds, I pull into my driveway and see her waiting in the window and excitedly eager to greet me with happy howls and soppy kisses when I arrive home. Or, when we meet new friends with feet or paws at the dog park, Nutmeg politely wags a cheerful hello to all. Nutmeg doesn’t judge my faults or different mutts, purebred or designer breeds.

     Aren’t we all mutts? Each of us created with a dash, sprinkle and spoon-full of ingredients that makes us unique. If man’s best friend can, bring out the best in us, can’t we do the same for each other?

     Together, we can leave foot and pawprints of love, acceptance and kindness everywhere.



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